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Western Massachusetts Association of Student Councils



2014-2015 Executive Board: 

President- TBD

           Vice President - TBD


    Advisor - Mrs. Angela Mass (Greenfield) 


 This Year's WMASC Events:

Fall Conference:

This is an annual event in which schools from around Western Mass are brought together and introduced to eachother. Here, the newly elected e-board can show their skills by leading the group in energizers and workshops. Students rotate through workshops throughout the day gaining new ideas on communication, team work and various other topics essential for any student council. Every year a key note speaker is invited to speak of important issues affecting teens in today's world and tells of how student council members can work through these issues.  Students walk away from the conference with new WMASC friends and memories, along with a long list of ideas on building their council.

Location: TBD



Date: TBD

Round Table:

The round table event is a great time to reunite with your WMASC friends after the fall conference. Here, students will sit with others from different councils that they have never met before. Discussions will be lead by WMASC e-board members on specific topics involving your student council. Some subjects discussed include project planning, council bonding, fundraising, communication, and school spirit. By the end of the day you will leave with numerous new ideas on how to better your council and our region as a whole. Also, complementary buffet is served.

Location: TBD




Spring Conference:

The spring conference is a very energetic event! Here candidates for the next year's WMASC e-board campaign throughout the day. Each candidate delivers a speech and at the end of the conference the newly elected e-board members are announced. Students attending will go through various workshops, gaining more helpful knowledge and skills on bettering their councils. At the spring conference, there is also a key note speaker. This day is always a very eventful one, with fun and engaging activites tied in with a hefty load of learning.

Location: TBD

Date: TBD


The 2010-2011 WMASC Executive Board


Any Questions? 

Contact Angela Mass at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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Massachusetts Association of Student Councils
  • Summer Conference Arrival Instructions

    Massachusetts Association of Student Councils

    Arrival Instructions

    - Please plan on arriving at Worcester State between 12 noon and 1pm on July 7th.  We do not serve lunch on Monday, make sure you eat before you arrive.

    - It is critical that you pack only what you can carry.  Our staff will not be able to assist you with a large move.

    - When you arrive on campus, please head to the Wasylean Residence Hall Parking Lot (Building 13 on campus map).  Blue MASC directional signs will be placed on campus.

    - Drivers, please stay in your car while our staff unloads all of the luggage.  After luggage and delegates are unloaded, drivers may park the vehicle in the multi-floor parking garage (Building 12 on campus map).  Parents are welcome to join their delegates after parking.

    - Male Delegates- You will proceed with your luggage directly inside Wasylean Residence Hall (Building 13 on campus map) to register.  

    - Female Delegates- You will proceed with your luggage to Dowden Hall (Building 16 on campus map) to register.

    - If you need to see the nurse, she will be located in the Seven Hills Conference Room which is inside of Wasylean Hall.  Ladies will walk past the Seven Hills entrance on the way to Dowden.  Gentlemen, the room is located just after your registration.  Look for signs on the way.  



    Please follow the instructions of our staff.  We have done this many times, and know the best way to get you on your way quickly!
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  • Important Camp Info




    MASC Leadership Program
    July 7-11, 2014


    General Information


    Registration                 Monday, July 7, 2014              11:30am - 1:00pm
                                        Opening Session Begins         2:00pm


    Departure                    Friday, July 11, 2014               11:15am promptly


    Location                      Worcester State University in Worcester, Massachusetts - Student are not permitted to drive themselves. 


    Forms                          All forms are completed online during the registration process.  No forms will be mailed to you.


    Mailing Address          Your mailing address at Worcester State will be:  Your Name, MASC,
    Worcester State University, 486 Chandler St  Worcester, MA 01602


    Emergency                  (508) 507-9095 This phone number is for emergency calls only.  Pay phones
    Telephone                   will be available during meal times for delegates to make phone calls home.


    Housing & Food           All delegates will be housed in the college dormitories.  Each room will accommodate 2-4 delegates.  There will be bathrooms and showers on each floor.  Delegates from the same school will not share a room.  Meals will be provided by the college food service in the college dining hall. Delegates are to sleep in rooms to which they a have been assigned.  Visiting a room assigned to the opposite sex is not permitted.


    What to Bring              Please see the enclosed packing list for specific items.  All delegates will be housed in a traditional college dorm.  You must supply all bed linens (sheets, pillows, blankets).  To foster a learning environment, all delegates will be required to wear shirts/tops which cover the shoulders and shorts are to be mid-length or longer. No spaghetti straps, tank tops or halter tops will be allowed.


    College Store               The Worcester State store will be open throughout the week. This store operate on a cash basis.  You should also bring change for vending machines.


    Refund Policy              All refunds must be in writing to the MSSAA Office in Franklin, MA and postmarked accordingly:
                                          100% refund   June 1, 2014 or prior
                                             75% refund     June 15, 2014 - June 2, 2014
                                             50% refund     June 20, 2014 - June 16, 2014
                                               0% refund       On June 20, 2014 or after


    Questions/Changes    The MSSAA Office, at which the MASC is located, will be available for changes and questions until Monday, June 24, 2014, please contact Michele Blackburn at 508-541-7997. After June 24, please call (508) 507-9095 or email camp@mastuco.net.




    Massachusetts Association of Student Councils


    _____    Alarm Clock
    _____    Bath Towels
    _____    Bed Linens (Pillows, Sheets, Blankets - Twin bed)


    _____    Clothing
              *All shirts must cover the shoulders, no tank tops, no spaghetti straps, no halter tops
        *All shorts must be mid-length or longer


    _____    Comfortable Shoes/Sneakers
        *Students will not be allowed to go barefoot
        *No high heeled sandals


    _____    Flashlight
    _____    Insect Repellent
    _____    Lamp for Room
    _____    Munchies for Room
    _____    Rain Gear/Jacket/Umbrella
    _____    Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste and other toiletries
    _____    Sunglasses
    _____    Sunscreen
    _____    Notebook
    _____    Writing instruments


    Miscellaneous Items


    _____    Musical Instrument
    _____    Camera (You are going to want to remember this Week!!!)
    _____ Water Bottle
    _____    Fan (Rooms can be hot during the summer)
    _____ Spending money (minimal amount for vending or campus store)

    Do Not bring anything of value or large amounts of cash to the MASC Summer Leadership Program.  We cannot be responsible for stolen or lost items.
    Please leave TVs, Xbox, laptops and other electronic devices  at home.

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  • National Conference ~ Orlando
    Hey MASC!!
    You do not want to miss out on a great leadership opportunity!  Please consider representing MASC at the NASC National Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Please check out www.mastuco.net for more information and to register!  Come on, MASC...you do not want to miss this! 
    Mr. Branagan
    Executive Director
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